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Regenerative medicine & Stem cell therapy

Our company has developed innovative processes and safety protocols which allow us to offer products of the highest cellular viability and safety standards. With these safety and quality standards, StemShot® and StemVive™ are the leading birth tissue allografts in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy.

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Our products distinguish themselves in the stem cell industry by higher concentration of therapeutic elements and less destructive processing. Our proprietary processing protocols protect and preserve the therapeutic elements from donor tissues and set StemShot® and StemVive™ apart from competitors’ products with respect to concentration, viability, and efficacy. These products are provided in a cryopreserved state and are safe, convenient, and effective.

Improving the Lives of Patients

Stem cell therapies are already improving the lives of patients suffering from damage to tissues resulting from injury, disease, or age. The rapid expansion of scientific knowledge offers great promise for continuing advances in this field of medicine. As research moves forward, the opportunities for more extensive patient treatments will continue to grow quickly.


Scientific knowledge underlying regenerative medicine is advancing at an astonishing rate.  We recognize our responsibility to assist in that advancement and especially to advance applications of the science by developing cutting-edge stem cell-based therapeutic products intended to aid the natural healing mechanisms of the body.


Regenerative medicine using stem cell-based therapeutic products has been growing rapidly and will continue to grow at a rapid pace.  More and more physicians are making this new and exciting branch of modern medicine a part of their practices to better serve the needs of their patients.  That is what our company is all about:  providing the highest quality products to help improve the lives and well-being of individuals and families through regenerative medicine.