Utah Cord Bank, manufacturer of StemShot® and StemVive®, Audited by the FDA 2018-01-24T21:29:05+00:00

Utah Cord Bank, manufacturer of several premium regenerative medicine products including StemShot® and StemVive®, audited by the FDA

Following a week-long on-site FDA audit in January 2018, Utah Cord Bank (UCB), producer of several prominent regenerative medicine products, including StemShot® and StemVive®, is pleased to announce a continued flawless safety record and a perfect history with the FDA.  “This continues a record of zero “483” findings over the entire period of UCB’s operation.  UCB is gratified that its focus on safety, efficacy and regulatory compliance has been confirmed.” stated UCB founder and CEO, Dr. Eliott Spencer. PhD.

Utah Cord Bank was founded over thirteen years ago by two PhD scientists and has since brought numerous innovations to the field of regenerative medicine.  UCB’s leading products, StemShot® and StemVive® are known and respected for their ease of use, unmatched quality and clinical efficacy.

In addition to its perfect safety record over many years and across a large product volume, UCB works proactively with regulatory agencies and experts to ensure that its products will be effective and available for years to come.  UCB endeavors to ensure that its products meet and exceed FDA and other regulatory standards so physicians can build protocols and practices with confidence.  The recent successful FDA audit confirms and enhances the foundation for that confidence and UCB is committed to continuing this pattern of success.